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Mona Lisa Overdrive

Copyright 1988 by William Gibson

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I first read this in April 1989 and most recently on the 1st July 2006

In the future world of Cyberspace and and the Sprawl seven years have passed since the events of "Count Zero Interrupt"

Angela and Booby

Under guidance from Beauvoir and his strange masters, Angela became an international media star, and Bobby Newmark became her boyfriend. The new life has its cost: Angela is now a junkie and Bobby is missing.

Mona and Eddie

Eddie is a would-be hustler. He has great plans for Mona and himself but even Mona knows he's never going to make it, never get anywhere, never be someone. So she's right to be suspicious when this latest sweet deal seems too good to be true, It's also clear to Mona that Eddie's newfound corporate friends don't want Eddie, it's Mona they're after.

Kumiko, Swain and Petal

Kumiko Tanaka is a Japanese teenager. Her father is a senior Yakuza and has sent her to London to keep her safe during some anticipated trouble. In London she'll be under the dubious protection of Swain and his right-hand man Petal. But Swain is having his own problems.

Slick, Bird and Gentry

Slick owes Kid Africa, so when Kid turns up with a nurse and comatose body for safekeeping, he knows he'll have to help and he knows it's going to cause upset with Little Bird and Gentry, his fellow residents in Dog Solitude.

He has no idea of scale of problems he'll have with those who are searching for the body he's hiding. They're very serious and very violent.

This is just so cool but, hey, I'm a sucker for a good read. You've read "Neuromancer" and "Count Zero", of course. Now read this. Gibson's writing becomes more stylish and precise with each book. How can Gibson write so well? And how can I find myself so lost for words to express how good this novel is.

Loaded on the 16th December 2006.
Cover of Mona Lisa Overdrive
Cover art by Steve Crisp

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