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Nemesis Games

Copyright 2014 by James S. A. Corey

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I first read this on the 15th November 2019.

This is the fifth novel in the Expanse series.

The Rocinante is undergoing a long-term overhaul. Holden finds himself on his own while the rest of the crew head off across the solar system. Each of them on their own particular quests to address the consequences of their individual pasts.

  • Amos to Earth to say a final good bye to the woman who brought him up
  • Naomi to Ceres station to the son she left behind
  • Kamal to Mars to the wife he abandoned

But trouble is brewing. Soon terrorist attacks of unimaginable ferocity will devastate the entire solar system.

The crew and Holden will find themselves right slap-bang back in middle of a secret conspiracy that is wreaking astonishing destruction in the furtherance of its aims.

How is it possible that Corey manages another fresh and gripping novel for this fifth in the series? He just makes it seem so easy. The series really should be getting tired by now. But it isn't. Gosh, this is just so great.

With great excitement I am also watching this week by week on Amazon Prime (Expanse series 5).

Loaded on the 20th January 2021.
Cover of Nemesis Games
Cover art by Daniel Dociu

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