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Persepolis Rising

Copyright 2018 by James S. A. Corey

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I first read this on the 24th December 2019.

This is the seventh novel in the Expanse series.

Almost thirty years have passed. Earth, Mars and the Belt have settled into a more relaxed relationship and the Rocinante crew have comfortably slipped into middle-age.

However on the other side of the Ring, in the system of Laconia, High Consul Winston Duarte has been building an empire. He has embraced the dangerous opportunities promised by the proto-molecule to develop astounding military superiority.

Now Duarte is expanding his empire to encompass the Solar system. The Solar System is so out-classed by the his military power that we will, humiliatingly, be subsumed into his empire almost without a struggle.

Left with a nail-biting ending, we can only wait for the sequel, "Tiamet's Wrath". Luckily I had that book also so I was able to read straight through. Gosh, it's just great.

Loaded on the 20th January 2021.
Cover of Persepolis Rising
Cover art by Daniel Dociu

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