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Forever Free

Copyright 1999 by Joe Haldeman

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I first read this in January 2001 and most recently on the 8th July 2009

William Mendella and his one true love MaryGay survived "The Forever War" but the Earth they knew had changed beyond recognition. Man had become a collective intelligence, or rather a distributed intelligence across a population of clones. Man's desires and objectives have diverged far from what William. MaryGay and the other veterans hold to be human. However, Man desired to keep these veterans alive to preserve the gene pool and they were given the chance to start again on the colony planet Middle Finger.

Man is now at peace with the Taurans, the former enemies.

William and MaryGay have lived a hard but happy rural existence. They've brought up two children, Bill and Sara through to adulthood. They should be settling down into gentle retirement

But they've got the urge for a change. One particular change - they want to take one last and very long starship ride.

And when they take that ride everything changes, reality changes.

An interesting and very enjoyable read in Haldeman's distinctive style. Also a very odd read as well toward the end. Where on Earth did these Omni pop up from*?

What's it got: Clones, FTL travel, super advanced fighting suits, aliens, family issues and a bit of an odd twist.

*"Camouflage", perhaps, but what are they doing here?

on Middle Finger, the planet set aside for unevolved man

Loaded on the 28th December 2001.
Cover of Forever Free
Cover art by Bruce Jensen