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Copyright 2004 by Joe Haldeman

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I first read this in 2006 and most recently on the 8th June 2009

Two ancient aliens battle for survival through Earth's history.

Boring and depressing, reminiscent of Keith Laumer's "The Long Twilight". I wasn't much taken with the similarity of names of the aliens: Changeling and Chameleon. But the names had no relevance - the two aliens were interchangeable as far as I could see.. I kept having to go back and check who was who. Yes, if I'd been smart, I'd have made comprehensive notes, and not abbreviated the names to just the first three letters.

And hold on, was that the end? That's a bit hurried isn't it. Did I miss something?

Loaded on the 30th December 2021.
Cover of Camouflage
Cover art by Craig White

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