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Kaleidoscope Century

Copyright 1995 by John Barnes

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I first read this in July 1997 and most recently on the 14th January 2013

A very exciting romp through the 1980's and the subsequent century as our protagonist and his partner-in-crime corrupt and desecrate humanity's future.

Joshua Ali Quare works for the Organization. That used to be the Communist Party of America, but times have moved one. Still, Joshua does what he's told, works hard at his day job and finds the extra cash from the Organization helpful.

But then the world starts to go mad. Wars break out. The War of the Memes erupts. Joshua and his friend Sadi will work for mercenary group "Murphy's Comsat Avengers". Joshua and Sadi will be in the middle of all the torturing and murdering required for One True to achieve world domination, and of course no harm if the Organization has a few similar assignments on the side for him.

Odd, if he was to think about it, that so many of his assigned victims are scientists researching "Closed Timelike Curves".

Wow! How very unpleasant indeed are our protagonist and his associate. Even a nice guy can become with a little bit of encouragement from a psychopath. Kids, don't consider Joshua as any sort of role model. Nor, of course, Saul.

Of course it's an enthralling, thrilling novel. Barnes is a great writer. Based in the same Universe as the "One True portrayed in "Candle" and "The Sky So Big And Black

Loaded on the 30th December 2021.
Cover of Kaleidoscope Century
Cover art by Bob Eggleton

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