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Earth Made Of Glass

Copyright 1998 by John Barnes

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I first read this in 2000 and most recently on the 8th May 2006

Matter transportation, in the guise of the "Springer",

The lost worlds of humanity are still being discovered and re-united under the benevolent sway of the Thousand Cultures.

For the client worlds, hpwever, the arrival of the Thousand Cultures isn't without its problems. Yhe planet is no longer isolated - union with the rest of humanity brings the "Springer", the matter teleportation gateway that allows one to walk (albeit expensively) from one world to another. Now all of humanity's varied cultures are just a step away and each rediscovered colony suffers a major cultural and economic upheaval,

Careful diplomacy is needed to prepare these worlds for their re-entry. When diplomacy fails, a special government department of trouble-shooters steps in to mitigate the damage.

On the world of Briand diplomacy is failing fast. The world was settled by two very different cultures, originally in separate locations. However, following a natural disaster, both populations are now forced to live in one area. They hate each other and they are slipping into civil war. The arrival of the Thousand Cultures is accelerating this process.

Giraut and Margaret Leones are the husband and wife team of trouble-shooters sent in to try a last minute salvation.

They're certainly going to trigger some changes in the two societies. But the changes will be violent, deadly and horrifying.

I still can't quite decide whether it's a little boring, but regardless it's impressive and satisfying. It's just that I never look forward to reading it but once I've got into it again, it pretty much grips me.

It's a good book, full of perceptive and unusual observation of the characters, particularlywith respect to Giraut and Margaret's complicated relationship - Giraut remains passionately in love with his wife Margaret and yet the latter remains convinced that the dashing Giraut couldn't possibly really love her. There's also the interesting controversial between Ix and Auvaiyar All the characters have failings with arguable exception of Giraut (but then I'm a guy, of course).

Loaded on the 15th July 2006.
Cover of Earth Made Of Glass
Cover art by John Harris and Carol Russo Design

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