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The Shift Key

Copyright 1987 by John Brunner

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I first read this in 1987 and most recently on the 24th July 2006

There is something strange happening in the English village of Weyharrow Goodsir.

  • Simon Bember loves being father to Sheila's two lovely daughters, but he could swear that last night they'd been boys
  • Reverand Patrick Phibson can't quite understand why his parishioners seem to be shocked by his traditional Pagan rituals. Have they embraced Christianity over night?
  • Dr Steven Gloze can't understand why the pharmacist is so bothered with his prescription of chicken's blood to cure arthritis

Slowly the village becomes aware that many more people feel more than just out of sorts, they're convinced that reality has done a back flip overnight

A traditional Brunner book but with an odd twist. This is essentially an environmental mystery novel, but the hallucinations experienced suggest something more. This isn't a significant Brunner book but I've read this three or four times now and do rather enjoy it.

Loaded on the 16th December 2006.
Cover of The Shift Key
Cover art by Peter Elson

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