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Crazy Time

Copyright 1988 by Kate Wilhelm

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I first read this on the 11th April 2003.

Lauren Steele sees something impossible and makes the mistake of reporting it.

When the test of a new laser goes terribly wrong, the military have to find someone to blame. The only person who reported anything odd in the vicinity is our unfortunate Lauren. Now Lauren is being tracked and traced by the military, and haunted by the unbelievably physical ghost of one Daniel Patrick Corcoran.

This was a surprisingly enjoyable little book. There were shades of Connie Willis in our Lauren's panic and desperate denial as she prefers to accept her insanity rather than believe what she is seeing and hearing. In fact, I probably have that back to front: one should ask whether Wilhelm's writing influenced Connie Willis' subsequent style?

The novel is nothing weighty and it is certainly not a "Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang" but it is good fun.

Loaded on the 1st June 2003.
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