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Virgin Planet

Copyright 1959 by Poul Anderson

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I first read this in 1968 and most recently on the 30th May 2006

Ho Ho! Quoting from the front page of my ancient edition:

His fancies had come true - he was a lone man on a planet, entirely inhabited by women

Young, inexperienced but enthusiastic Davis Bertam has set forth in his hyped-up rocket to explore the depths of space. He's landed on this planet and immediately lost his ship, been lassoed by an Amazonian woman and imprisoned in a cage.

Of course things get better. As any real man would do, he takes control and begins to battle the evil authority that holds these poor women enslaved.

There is some serious stuff here. There's an afterword on the scientific basis behind the story. There are some interesting thoughts on sexual relationships and cultural differences, presented in a somewhat old-fashioned way.

But forget all that - this is a perfect teenage male sexual power fantasy. I loved it! In fact I may just spend a few minutes now browsing through a few pages again.

Loaded on the 16th December 2006.
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