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The Rebel Worlds

Copyright 1969 by Poul Anderson

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I first read this in 1973 and most recently on the 15th May 2006

Hugh McCormack, Admiral of the Imperial Fleet, is arrested on trumped-up charges, confined to solitary, and soon to be sentenced to death. His wife, Kathryn, is held hostage by Governor Snelund, corrupt crony of a corrupt Emperor.

His faithful troops break him out of prison. Now he is free but his only option for keeping himself and his troops alive is to lead his fleet in rebellion against the Empire.

Loyal and honorable Fleet commander Dominic Flandry knows that the Empire is more important than an individual Emperor, bad or lazy though this he may be. Flandry must support him as the symbol of the Empire. He must fight and defeat Admiral McCormack, a man he much admires, quash the rebellion and ensure that the Empire endures, even when all it seems to stand for is oppression, brutality and slaughter.

Plus of course, he's also rather taken with Kathryn.

Yes, it's another Dominic Flandry novel, although a little more serious than most of the Flandry stories.

A quick but enjoyable read, well-plotted, cleverly and subtly done. My abiding memory of the book is the Didonian aliens and their component parts: rukas, nogas, krippos, the Hands, Feet and Wings of these intriguing alien beings.

Also have to say that I always thought this was a striking cover and regret that the artist is uncredited. The picture is, of course, completely unrelated to the novel.

Loaded on the 28th February 2007.
Cover of The Rebel Worlds