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Virtual Death

Copyright 1995 by Shale Aaron

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I first read this in 1997 and most recently in April 2000

Lydia Melmoth was once a star - back when it was still illegal, she died and was resuscitated more times than anyone else. Even now this performance art has been legalized, she still holds the record.

However, her fame hasn't helped her. Her life's a mess. She lives with a Frankly an undersized depressed comedian who loves her but she has no interest in him beyond a friendly tolerance.

However, her life changes when her brother warns her that the anti-terrorist police are after her mother, and may also be after Lydia herself. On the run she meets a variety of strange people and finds herself drawn back into the art of "Dying".

Well this is a cute little cyberpunk nugget of a book. It has excellent characters, plus this so strange concept of dying and resusciation as an art form. It's got lovely slang, great humour and some interestingly-oriented revolutionary groups.

I rather enjoyed it.

Loaded on the 16th May 2001.
Cover of Virtual Death
Cover art by Peter Gudynas