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Seeking The Mythical Future

Copyright 1977 by Trevor Hoyle

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I first read this in 1978 and most recently on the 14th January 2013

This is the first novel in his "Q" series.

Christian Queghan is a leading scientist on the far future world of Earth IV. His speciality is Myth Technology. Now he's about to take the plunge through the event horizon of a black hole and into a mythical future. There is only, and always, a fifty-percent change that he can return.

Meantime, the dreadful Dr Mathew Black is exploiting his staff and his patients for his gratification. His primary patient is the strange alien visitor, and the visitor's tribulations are just beginning.

Bit of a disappointment actually, both then and now. I think Trevor Hoyle is a pretty good writer, but in this novel he's let down - in my view at least - by the fact that the Myth Technology concept just doesn't gel,

This is the first book in his 'Q' Series. I'm not likely to read the others.

Loaded on the 7th March 2020.
Cover of Seeking The Mythical Future
Cover art by Peter Gudynas

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