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Melt Down

Copyright 2012 by Edward W. Robertson

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I first read this on the 1st December 2021.

This is the second volume of the "Breakers" series.

In this second volume, the plot covers two pairs of siblings, the brothers Shawn and Ness, and Tristan Carter and her brother Aldan. We are with them as they find themselves unlikely survivors of the plague and are now faced with trying to live through the very dangerous aftermath.

This was just as thoroughly enjoyable (and as grim and depressing) as the first volume "Breakers". I'm really impressed with Robertson, this is great writing. I was particularly taken with story being contemporaneous with the first book, rather than covering later events. I expect to start on the third volume in a week's time - I'm carefully pacing myself to give time to read other books as well.

Loaded on the 30th December 2021.
Cover of Melt Down
Cover art by Stephanie Mooney

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