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Copyright 1991 by Jack Womack

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I first read this in 1994 and most recently in July 1997

New York is under martial law which is pretty much the only kind of law left anywhere. Joanna is New Projects Manager at Dryco, the biggest company in the States and which owns almost everything that's left.

Her life should be sweet, she's got power, security and she's having an affair with the boss. But she's got a new project that is proving problematic, and she's finding out stuff about other projects that she really doesn't want to know.

William Gibson referred to this as "Savage, urban, baroque...his best so far" and who am I to disagree?

What's it got? Well, it's got the cyberpunk background, it's got casual death and mayhem, world domination, deceit and treachery. It doesn't have hi-tech and aliens, but it's does have (much to one's surprise as one reads it) angels and reincarnation, and even the grassy knoll.

An excellent book that starts off as stylish and exciting cyberpunk, picks up moral momentum as it barrels along, and ends as a tragic masterpiece.

Loaded on the 18th February 2001.
Cover of Heathern
Cover art by Fred Gambino

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